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Pukirev, Vasily Vladimirovich
The Unequal Marriage

oil on canvas
173 136,5

The painting was received with delight by the public. The Imperial Academy of Arts in St Petersburg awarded the author the title of professor (1863) in recognition of this work and this was seen by the critics as a victory of new tendencies in art: The Academy is making a professor of a man who painted a large canvas, but what canvas? A painting which does not show a fire, or a battle, or either ancient or modern history Everyone was excited by the new and contemporary topic, about the power of money and the authors opinion which were clearly expressed by the figure of the young man standing behind the bride. The position was shown so openly, that the painting was considered to be autobiographical and the young man was assumed to be the artists own self portrait

at 10, Lavrushinsky Lane, Hall 16