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Fedotov, Pavel Andreevich
"Encore, once again!"

oil on canvas
34,5 x 46,4

This painting was created by the artist at the end of his life. An insignificant subject leads to a great philosophical generalisation. We see here depicted an officer relegated by fate to a remote garrison and whiling away his time in amusements, forcing a poodle to jump over a cane. The monotonous senselessness of such a pastime is emphasized by the tautology of the name of the painting (encore in French means "again" or "more"). The nocturnal winter landscape seen through the window is a symbol of mans restlessness and lack of safe haven. The figure of the officer is fully in the shade and we cannot make out the features of his face. Very likely we see before us the authors spiritual double, his confession in some phantasmagoric fictional world. The colour loses its definition, the brush stroke becomes open and temperamental. In the centre we see the nominal "main hero" which is a small detail in terms of the subject a brightly illuminated still life. Here the painterly expressiveness dominates over the literary-associative content.

at 10, Lavrushinsky Lane, Hall 15