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oil on canvas
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At the end of the 1940s and beginning of the 1950s, genre painting held a dominant position in the all-union exhibitions. Soviet genre of the 1950s was limited to the themes of family and school. It attracted the attention of both spectators and artists whom it gave the possibility of turning to the traditions of genre scenes from the Itinerant artists (Peredvizhniki) as well as to demonstrate loyalty to the official doctrine of Socialist Realism. Reshetnikov was an apologist for the creation of Classical works of Soviet genre painting. In his publications and in particular in the article The Flint of the Peredvizhniki Art devoted to V.M. Maksimov, he summoned artists not only to enhance beauty but also to actively get involved in life. In his series of paintings for children from this period, the artist emerged as a master of the short fable genre. The best known works of this series include Arrived on holiday and Low Marks Again became immediately popular and were reproduced in huge editions. Each composition was composed in several versions. The artist worked long at each of the personages, drawing from nature and forcing his models to act out joy and drama.