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oil on canvas
141 х 156

A distinctive feature of Bogayevsky's painting method consists in a fusion between the approaches of two masters: seascape painter I.K.Aivazovsky and landscape painter A.I.Kuinji. The romanticism of the former and spacism of the latter were combined in his works with the aesthetics of symbolism and Art Nouveau. The artist fleshed out the ornamentality and monumentality of Art Nouveau with neo-classical treatment in landscape. The painter reveals in the Crimean environment ancient traits of the legendary Taurida, the austere Cimmerians, creating an image of a mythical land similar to Arcadia. In uninhabited "heroic" landscapes, which resemble antique gobelins, the nature is sentient and spiritualized with the presence of unseen alpha of creativity. Surrounding the cliffy shore with trees as props, Bogayevsky emphasizes the integral unity of natural, tectonic processes and traces of historical human activities. The rocky plateau raised from grim waves seems to be Nature's altar, crowned with a smoky ring of clouds. His summit bears a castle, having seemingly grown out of the hard rocks and made one with them.