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circa 1910
Paper, water-colour, gouache
27 х 26,8

Malevich painted self-portraits seldom. This early self-portrait was painted in the period when the artist was actively looking for his own way in art. In parallel, the artist comprehended the history of art creativity and the newest art tendencies at the border of the 19th and the 20th century. Malevich was especially interested in the expressive means of painting and potential possibilities of art language. In the second half of the 1900s, his passion for impressionism was left behind. This self-portrait is painted in the manner close to fauvism: the figure has a strong silhouette and is depicted with bright colour spots. Some of the colour reflexes are accented, as, for example, the green one on the face of the artist. At the same time his interest in modernism and symbolism is obvious in the portrait. The image of the painter combines features of an actor and a person deeply absorbed in his thoughts. Malevich paints himself against figures, which his thoughts and feeling seem to create right now, and the viewer can watch the process of creative work.