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Firsov, Ivan Ivanovich
Young Painter

Oil on canvas
67 55

Firsovs paintings captivate us with their spontaneity and originality. The charming domestic scene seems to have been observed by the artist and painted from life. Firsov depicts the interior of an art studio in which the young painter has place his model a young girl in a pink dress with a woman standing behind her with her arm round her neck. They are surrounded by objects required by an artist in his daily work: a plaster bust, a leather mannequin, an easel and a box of paints. Under the loving brush strokes of Firsov these everyday items take on a particular charm. The subjects of the painting are united in the process of transforming nature into a work of art. A painting is being born before the very eyes of the onlooker. The small canvas is notable for its subtle tones built on warm gray-prink and brown colours. The daylight pouring into the room gives a cool silver shade to the painting.

at 10, Lavrushinsky Lane, Hall 5