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oil on canvas
140 170

From the mid-1930s, Pimenov worked on a series of paintings about Moscow, including this work, New Moscow, which became especially popular. The composition was made like a frame captured by the lens of a camera. The artist places the accent on the figure of a woman behind the wheel of an automobile. She is depicted with her back to us and the artist draws us into the space of the painting and invites us to look at the city in the morning through the eyes of his heroine the shapely silhouettes of new houses, the wide expanses of the streets and squares, the scarlet letter of the just opened metro all of this is the merry, handsome renewed Moscow. Colour, which plays in a multitude of hues and tones, and a mobile brush stroke convey vibration of the light and air medium. The Impressionist painting technique creates a sense of lightness, of refinement throughout the entire artistic structure of the canvas. The image created by Pimenov was seen by contemporaries as a poetic image of the times, a symbol of the new life.