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oil on canvas
200 300

Composition VII is one of the best known canvases by Kandinsky. In preparation for it, the artist did many pencil drawings, water colour etudes and sketches in which he worked out both the details and the general intent. Like the Old Masters, he transposed the composition to canvas using a preliminary drawing on the canvas. Composition VII is amazing in terms of its combination of emotional expression and well thought out structure of the whole. The logical centre of the composition is a rotation of forms expressed by a violet spot and black lines and strokes of paint next to them. This draws into itself like a funnel sending off some rudiments of forms which spread out into innumerable metamorphoses along the entire canvas. In colliding they merge or, on the contrary, break on one another and set in motion the neighboring forms This is literally the elemental force of Life, Harmony arising out of Chaos. Kandinsky dreamed of revealing via his art some new spirit of the times which would embody the oncoming age of Great Spirituality. He believed that the task of art is to scrape away from the human soul the material covering.

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