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Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich
Black Suprematic Square

oil on canvas
79,5 79,5

The black square became a symbol of the new interpretation of art creativity in the 20th century. It seemed that Malevich closed down the history of figurative art with this black screen. The master dreamed of Art of Painting, that would "create", not just "copy". He believed that works based on nature "resemble life no more than a skirt resembles a woman." In this work Malevich presents the initial shape (a square) and the basic colours (white and black). Black is the absence of any colour, and white is the merge of all colours. In the artists opinion, such a solution contains the potential for any painting. "The square is not an image, just as a switch or a socket is not yet an electric current," - Malevich wrote. One cannot judge this work with usual to the viewer criteria: "nice not nice", "real - not real" or "I like it" - "I dont like it". Not the aesthetic or emotional perception of reality is essential for Malevich, but the value of the idea itself. "Black Square" is a unique manifesto of Suprematism - the art movement, invented by Malevich.

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