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Argunov, Ivan Petrovich
Portrait of an Unknown Woman in Russian Costume

oil on canvas
67 x 53.6

The portrait was influenced by the style of Classicism that was widespread in Russian art at the time and by the then emerging Sentimentalism. Both stylistic trends exerted an influence on the artistic solution of the work. The splendid, lofty female image is filled with a sense of virtue and special harmony of an inner world. The calm, clear face of the heroine, with its slight smile, and the smooth silhouette of her figure, as well as the firm and balanced composition of the portrait with its local colour scheme all of these elements are clear Classicist features. The depiction of the young woman and, the mood she reflects are characteristic for the culture of Sentimentalism, with its interest in the peasantry, who were seen as living a natural life amidst nature and far from the cares of the city. The models clothing is ethnographically accurate and reproduces the peasant costume of the Moscow province. It has been suggested that the portrait depicts an actress in the serf theatre of the Count Sheremetievs, the singer Anna Izumrudova-Buyanova.

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