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Alekseev, Fedor Yakovlevich
View of the Palace Embankment from the Petropavlovsky Fortress

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Director General
Zelphira I. Tregulova

First Deputy Director General
Andrey A. Krylov

Advisor to the Director General
Faina M. Balakhovskaya 

Deputy Director General on Construction Matters and Property Rights
Vyacheslav A. Uryupin

Deputy Director General on Development
Tatyana P. Mrdulyash

Deputy Director General on Scientific Affairs
Tatyana L. Karpova

Deputy Director General on Conservation Affairs
Tatyana S. Gorodkova

Deputy Director General on Educational and Publishing Matters
Marina E. Elzesser

Head of Financial and Economic Department 
Elena A. Perederiy

Chief Accountant
Ekaterina I. Verushkina

Chief Engineer
Leonid B. Kuperman

Deputy Chief Engineer
Vladimir P. Dendiberya

Head of Capital Construction Service
Maxim V. Rybalkin

Head of Service for Overhaul, Maintenance and Property
Mikhail V. Stepanov

Head of Engineering Systems Department
Alexander Ya. Lagutin

Head of Digital and Information Technology Department
Dmitry V. Moshkov

Chief Scientific Secretary 
Tatyana A Yudkevitch

Assistant to General Director
Mila G. Miledina

Assistant to Director General for Science
Lidiya I. Iovleva