Media Project “The Appeal of Appearance”

Tretyakov Gallery
june 16 2017 september 17 2017
Media project “The Appeal of Appearance”
by Pavel Kaplevich
Pavilion for media project “The Appeal of Appearance”
Architect Sergei Choban
Pavel Kaplevich
Photo: Gennady Grachev
Media project “The Appeal of Appearance”
by Pavel Kaplevich

The media project “The Appeal of Appearance” represents a dialog between artist Pavel Kaplevich and the key painting of Russian art of the 19th century — “The Appearance of Christ Before the People” (“The Apparition of the Messiah”) (1837—1857) by Alexander Ivanov.

A pavilion designed by architect Sergei Choban, in which the media project is exhibited, is located in front of the main building of the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane, where Ivanov’s tableau can be viewed. Stopping by the pavilion before visiting the permanent display, the museum patron will be able to see in a new light sketches for the grand canvas and get to know a contemporary artist’s perspective about its images and the meanings of what it depicts.

Based on experiments and discoveries in the area of art technologies and traditional crafts, Pavel Kaplevich who has studied the great tableau, preliminary sketches and studies for it, proposes his own interpretation of the painting and the painter’s work process.

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