Olga Kiselyova. Network Constructivism

New Tretyakov, Krymsky Val, 10, permanent exposition
june 01 august 31

The artist Olga Kiselyova (b. 1965) suggests creating an experimental network of art pieces in one of the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery. At the heart of the project is the relationship between the viewer, the works and the exhibition hall. 

The exposition is a space that changes under the influence of visitors’ behaviour. The computer system that controls the exhibition hall records the number of visitors, their movement, interaction, and the time they devote to viewing each art piece. The light and sound atmosphere of the exhibition space changes according to the data collected by the system in real-time mode.

The project is being developed in collaboration with the Louvre Museum and Sorbonne University in Paris and Shenkar in Tel Aviv with the support of the Inspire Lab for Image Research. The computer software is organized in collaboration with analyst T. Nasina, a researcher in the Art & Science laboratory at Sorbonne.

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