Halls 61 and 62 in the Tretyakov Gallery are temporarily closed due to repair work. The exhibition “Igor Shelkovsky. The city of roads” is closed from January 23 to March 5 More

Landscape Re-Worked

New Tretyakov
july 13 september 10
Sergei Shevtsov. The Cloud
Damir Muratov. In the zoo
Dmitri Bulnygin. September
Darya Krotova. Barcode

Twelve large-scale artifacts will present the results of auteurs’ “re-working” of landscape paintings from the Tretyakov Gallery’s collection in the context of current issues of environmental protection and natural landscape.

The project schedule includes a modern art show, master classes, tours around the display “Art of the 20th Century,” and open lectures for the general public.

The project was initiated by a regional non-profit youth environmental organization (Krasnoyarsk) and is timed to be held in the Year of Ecology in Russia.

Exhibition program

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