The wind of the Revolution. Sculpture of 1918 - early 1930

New Tretyakov, Krymsky Val, 10, hall 24
september 29 2017 april 08 2018
V.I. Mukhina. Wind. 1926-1927
Bronze. 88 x 54 x 30. The Tretyakov Gallery
A.V. Babichev. Samson. 1921-1922. Draft model for the Red Stadium
Gypsum. 38 х 15,5 х 3,5 The size of the pedestal: 25 х 26 х 46. The Tretyakov Gallery
V.I. Mukhina. The project of the monument to V.М. Zagorsky. 1921
Bronze. 77 х 31 х 46. Base: 5 х 31 х 31. The Tretyakov Gallery
I.G. Frikh-Khar. Chapayev`s accordionist Vasya. 1929
Cement. 71 х 66 х 54. The Tretyakov Gallery
S.T. Konenkov. Head of Stepan Razin. 1918-1919
Wood. 54 х 30 х 35. The Tretyakov Gallery
I.N. Zhukov. Street children. 1929
Toned gypsum. 53 x 65. The Tretyakov Gallery
A.M. Gyurjan. The project of the monument to Karl Marx for Moscow. Around 1920
Toned gypsum. 55.5 x 35 x 28. The Tretyakov Gallery
N.I. Altman. Portrait of Vladimir Lenin. 1920
Bronze. Tretyakov Gallery
N.I. Altman. Portrait of Alexander Lunacharsky. 1920
Bronze. Tretyakov Gallery
I.D. Shadr. In the storm. 1931
Bronze. 54 x 59 x 26. The Tretyakov Gallery

As part of the project “The Tretyakov Gallery opens its store”

This art show will feature portraits of representatives of the revolutionary movement and projects of monuments designed within the framework of the “monumental propaganda” plan from 1918 to the early 1930s.

The pivotal work of the exhibition — Vera Mukhina’s sculpture “The Wind” (1927) — expresses the general feeling of a revolutionary whirlwind that swept over the country. Part of the works will be on public display for the first time. 

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