Fyodor Tolstoy's wax sculpture

Tretyakov Gallery, Lavrushinsky Lane, 10, hall 12
february 27 june 03
Tolstoy F.P. Self-portrait with family. 1812
State Tretyakov gallery
Tolstoy F.P. The suitors of Penelope
State Tretyakov gallery

The Tretyakov gallery presents a chamber exhibition of wax sculptures made by count Fyodor Tolstoy (1783-1873), a master of the romanticism era. 

The exhibition demonstrates the "Self-Portrait with family" relief and compositions on the theme of Homer's poem"Odysseus". They are rarely exhibited due to uniqueness of wax sculpture and fragility of the material.

The artistic heritage of F.P.Tolstoy is extremely diverse: drawings, watercolors, engravings, medals, sculptures, paintings, sketches of scenery. But his main vocation artist himself considered in medal and sculptural art. He showed himself particularly vividly in the wax plastic, had mastered the complex technique and demonstrated great skill. His works contributed to the fact that the society began to take a new look at the wax sculptures and evaluate them as independent works of high artistic level, not only as a preparatory stage of the process of translating the sculpture into gypsum or metal.

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