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Landscape. The Art Construction Kit

Landscape. The Art Construction Kit is the first mobile app for tablets by the State Tretyakov Gallery. This captivating educational game allows you to construct your own ideal

landscape, using fragments of the paintings by Russian landscape artist Fedor Matveev (1758–1826).

In the app you will find:
  • Construction kit for creating pictures from separate fragments;
  • Introduction to the rules for creating classical landscape;
  • Over 25 landscapes of Italy by Fedor Matveev, with an expert’s commentary;
  • English and Russian versions (you can switch the language in 'Settings')
Each user has the opportunity to create their own virtual gallery and share their works with friends.
This mobile app is free and compatible with IOS and Android platforms.
The game is intended for tablets only, as it contains small detailed elements and would be unsuitable for use on smartphones. 
“Landscape” is the first app in the series “The Art Construction Kit” by the State Tretyakov Gallery. The next game, “Still-life”, will come out towards the end of 2015.

How to download the app:

  • Open the App store or Google play on your tablet;
  • Type in “Landscape. The Art Construction Kit”;
  • Choose our app and press ‘Install’.
 or move straight to the page of the app through one of the links below:



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