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The State Tretyakov Gallery For 3 Hours

"The State Tretyakov Gallery For 3 Hours" is a project that comprises some mobile tours combining the State Tretyakov Gallery’s buildings in Lavrushinskiy lane and on Krymsky Val.

Since June 1, 2015, everyone can spend a few hours to make a tour to the Russian Arts history, view all major masterpieces of the museum collection, and receive a lot of new information about the history of the gallery itself and its vicinities. You can do all this using your smartphone and the izi.TRAVEL platform.
"The State Tretyakov Gallery For 3 Hours" project consists of three parts and covers 4 excursion routes. The travel starts with the tour around the main Gallery building situared in  Lavrushinskiy lane. Then the user is offered to choose between two walk routes connecting the two buildings of the museum: along the quay, by majestic architectural monuments of the Stalin period, or across quiet Yakimanka lanes still cherishing the memory of the Tretyakov family. The route is ended with a tour of the Russian avant-garde exhibited in the museum building on Krymsky Val. 
To see round all significant works of one of the largest Russian painting museums, you need to:
  • Download the izi.TRAVEL application
  • Find out and open the Classical Russian Arts route 
  • Once the tour around the building in Lavrushinskiy lane is over, choose one of the walk routes between the museum buildings – from the ‘old’ Tretyakov Gallery to the ‘new’ one: along the quay or across Yakimanka. Open it and start learning about the history of Zamoskvorechye and Yakimanka districts. The application will guide you and show the way.
  • Having reached the State Tretyakov Gallery building on Krymsky Val, find the  ‘20th Century Arts. Avant-garde’ route in the application and continue learning about the history of the Russian Arts.
All tours prepared by the State Tretyakov Gallery can be found on our page in the application or on the izi.TRAVEL web-site. So, in the route series "Walking around Moscow", you can see places that played an important role in Russian painters’ lives. Tours around places associated with lives and creative work of Kazimir Malevich and Alexander Golovin have been launched. A route dedicated to Valintin Serov is about to be launched. 
All tours can be downloaded in advance or in-situ using the mobile Internet. We also recommend you to charge your mobile device beforehand and have earphones at hand.
Enjoy the tours, and see you in the State Tretyakov Gallery!