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Кто такие друзья Третьяковки?

Как заказать цифровую копию произведения из коллекции?

Prices on concession of images and right of use are contractual.

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Можно ли фотографировать в Галерее?

At the permanent expositions of the Tretyakov Gallery, New Tretyakov and Artist Houses a non-professional photographing for private purposes without applying flashlights and additional equipment and without the right of further publication and duplication, has been allowed. On the temporary exhibitions photographing could be not allowed. Selfie sticks in the exhibition halls are not permitted.

Как заказать экскурсию?

It is necessary to sign up in advance for an individual guided tour or theme guided tour +7-495-957-07-27. In the Tretyakov Gallery is available the audioguide through the exposition.

Какие выставки планируются на ближайшее время?