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A.S.Golubkina moved in her house in B.Levshinsky lane

The museum - studio of A.S. Golubkina is located in the Moscow private residence. In the second half of the 19th century this building by right, including a small estate near to it, belonged to M.M.Sabashnikova, who came from the family of the famous Moscow publishers. The estate was located in the depths of the garden. 
Музей-мастерская А.С.Голубкиной

In 1900 the estate devolved to the sons of M.M.Sabashnikova - Alexander and Sergey, who attached to the building a two-storied house for artistic studios. For the organisation of the internal facade, facing the garden, was responsible an architect V.I.Yakunin, who designed it in 1910 in  Art Nouveau style. 
Экспозиция музея-мастерской А.С.Голубкиной
Экспозиция музея-мастерской А.С.Голубкиной

The main entrance to the studios wasn’t in the centre, like we are accustomed, as it was moved into the depths of the estate. The staircase led to the second floor, where were three small living rooms and two large for studios. Extensive and bright, they were convenient for work, because the light got there through the large almost square windows and also through the ceiling. 

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