Beginning of the construction of V.M.Vasnetsov's house

By the beginning of the 1890s V.M.Vasnetsov could be rightfully named as the most famous Russian artists of that time.

Long enough he dreamed of his own house, where everything would have been arranged according to his sketches and drawings. However, he began to realise his project - a house with a personal studio - only in 1891 and in 1894 finished it. For a long time he lived there with his family (1894 - 1926). This building is an excellent example of the Neo-Russian style that combines techniques of ancient Russian architecture with inceptive principles of Art Nouveau. 

The house looks like a construction with a log-built-tower, decorated with a roof - barrel. The windows are decorated with mouldings and unusual columns. This multi - volume architectural construction embodies the artist's ideas about a beautiful and harmonious dwelling. Multicolored glazed tiles with floral ornaments encircle the house beginning from the facade; decorate the furnaces, connecting the world created by God, with the world created by human’s imagination.

Furthermore, all interiors of the house are maintained in the same romantic spirit: the main drawing - room is decorated in the boyar style of the 17th century, the dinning room functions as a room of  a well-to-do peasant. However, this difference doesn’t destroy the overall harmony and integrity of the concept. V.M.Vasnetsov was very fond of his house and live there until his death, for 32 years. Unfortunately, the death caught him unawares on the stairs on the way to the studio, where he was going to finish a portrait of M. Nesterov. Many wonderful works have been created in this studio. Some of them still decorate walls of it, especially, paintings from «Poems of seven fairy tales» as well as canvases «The battle of Dobrynya Nikitich with seven - headed Zmey Gorynych» or «The battle of Ivan Tsarevich with three - headed Zmey Gorynych».

Moreover, this memorial house is famous for meetings of Moscow intelligence. There were many outstanding figures of Russian culture, such as P.M.Tretyakov, V.I. Repin, V.I.Surikov, V.A. Serov, F.I. Shalyapin and so on. Nowadays there is a subsidiary of the State Tretyakov Gallery - Memorial house of V.M.Vasnetsov.

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