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The reconstruction of the Church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi

The first reference to the wooden «Church of the Saint Nicholas» is contained in the Patriarchal Order’s parish book of 1625. The five-domed stone church was built in 1697 by a parishioner of the Resurrection Church in Kadashi Sloboda - Longin Dobrynin. 

In 1770 the Pokrovsky chapel was erected in the refectory by the support of the widow of the merchant I.Demidov. However, with time, funds for renovation were also received by A.D.Tretyakova, who also was a constant parishioner of this temple. In 1834, according to the request of other parishioners and to the word of Metropolitan bishop Philaret, the refectory was reconstructed and a new bell tower was erected. It was strongly followed by the project of architect F.Shestakov. In 1856 the main altar was rebuilt.

In September 1996 the main altar of the temple was sanctified by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia - Aleksiy II. In 1997, on the 300th anniversary of the temple, its reconstruction finally was completed, including the slender bell tower, restoration of three iconostases and wall paintings. The temple became the first house temple in Russia, which was honored to store such sacred objects of Russia as the «Vladimir icon of the Mother of God» (it is permanently held in the temple) and «Holy Trinity of the Monk Andrey Rublev» (it is brought to the temple for the feast of the Holy Trinity).
The temple of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi has the status of a house church, that is attached to the State Tretyakov Gallery. A significant part of its decoration consists exhibits from the museum collection. These are the icons of the main and lateral iconostases, including "St. Nicholas", "The Descent of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles", as well as different crosses, liturgical implements.

In a specially equipped room the greatest Russian sacred object and the world famous work of art is kept - «Vladimir icon of Mother of God" (XII century). Her stay at the Museum - Temple allows organically to combine the artistic and cult nature of this monument. The divine services were resumed in 1993. 

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