The Tretyakov Gallery is the main museum of Russian national art, reflecting its unique contribution to world culture. It is a hospitable museum that is known for its rich collection and variety of presented ideas.
The Tretyakov Gallery has three main goals:

  • To study, preserve, represent and popularise the art of Russia;
  • To form a Russian cultural identity, drawing the attention of society to the important role of art in general and collection in particular. To continue the life-work of P.M.Tretyakov, introducing residents of the country with the national artistic heritage;
  • To make people's lives better by opening wide access to masterpieces of Russian and world art.

Our values

1. Inspiration

We believe that art, enlightenment and creativity change people's lives for the better.

2. Pride

We glorify domestic artists and recognise the great responsibility for the continuation of the Galleries' traditions, that are related to the preservation of the collection for future generations.

3. Orientation on visitors

By planning and carrying out our activity, we focus on the needs of our audience.

4. Creativity

We are developing new ways of working with the collection and different venues; There are not only professionals, who participate in our projects, but also a wide audience. 

5. Openness for cooperation

We seek actively opportunities for cooperation with other organizations and talented people at the local, national and international levels, so that our programs, publications and events are going to be diverse, qualitative and relevant.

6. Hospitality

We consistently adhere to the principles of openness and accessibility.

7. Compliance with high quality standards

Our commitment to quality is evident for all our visitors and partners: in the scientific activity, in the work with the collection, in publications, in the state of premises, on our website and in souvenirs.

8. Professionalism

All our subdivisions correspond to the highest standards of professionalism, communication and cooperation.