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The Thaw

16 february — 11 june

Krymsky Val, 10, halls 60-62
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This is a large-scale culture history exhibition project dedicated to one period of Russian national history which is traditionally labelled by scholars as the “Thaw.” The mission of this exhibition is to show not only the achievements of that period, but also its challenges and conflicts.

The display includes works of painters, sculptors, and movie directors who were witnesses and agents of decisive transformations in the most important spheres of the lives of the Soviet people. Their opinions are controversial, which makes the exhibition all the more versatile. The exhibition area is designed around a few thematic sections, such as “Talking with Father,” “The Best City on Earth,” “International Relations,” “The New Ways of Life,” “Exploration,” “Atom — Space,” “Towards the Communism!” A variety of artifacts will be integrated into the expo space, such as painted and graphic works, sculptures, household items, samples of designs, video projections with footage from feature films and documentaries.

Participants: the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Institute of the Russian Realistic Art, Russia’s museum and private collections.

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