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Ivanov, Aleksandr Andreyevich
Priam asking Achilles to return Hectors body

oil on canvas
119 124,7

The painting was done when Ivanov was studying in the Imperial Academy of Arts in St Petersburg. The subject is taken from Homers Iliad (song 24). Priam, the king of Troy which has been conquered by the Greeks makes his way into the Greeks camp with help of the god Hermes and offers their military leader Achilles to purchase the body of his killed son Hector. Hector died in single battle with Achilles. In the distance we see Achilles fellow soldiers; in the foreground there is the caduceus, Hermes staff, the sign of his invisible presence. Ivanov created the painting in strict accordance with Academic requirements and the rules of Classicism, but he chose the most emotional moment. He strived to fill the widely known subject from Antiquity with live feeling. This type of solution by the artist is in agreement with the Romantic currents of the time

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