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oil on canvas
107 x 187

In the landscape Shishkin has brought together two of his traditional motifs: a field with road running to the distance and powerful pine trees. In the inscription made by Shishkin on one of the sketches for the painting, we read Expanse, open space, land, rye, divine abundance, Russian wealth. The critic V.V. Stasov compared the pine trees with columns of ancient Roman temples. The viewer beholds a majestic panorama of Russian nature presented as a stage managed spectacle. Shishkin understood nature as a universe placed in relation to man. Therefore the two tiny figures are so important these are human figures giving scale to what is here depicted. Shishkin drew his etudes not far from his native Yelabuga, standing on the banks of the Kama River. However his paintings are always composed and there is nothing fortuitous in them

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