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oil on canvas
161,5 x 179,5

The painting is a version of the theme "Lilac". It embodies symbolism's typical image of the elemental world concealed under the veil of twilight. The artist seems to bring to life Nature's spirits lifted from ancient mythological consciousness. They are the souls of flowers and plants. The moon light reveals the outline of one of them: the soul of lilac bush, a dryad. Vrubel works with a palette-knife (thin steel plate), which makes it possible to apply paint in faceted dabs. Thanks to this technique, the lilac bunches grow, as it were, from the depth of dark space and turn into fantastic crystals, glistening in the moon light. The artist does not complete the flower heads, making them look as if covered in flocks of fluttering moths, their shape in a state of continuous transformation. The concentration of purple shades gives rise to the illusion that the atmosphere is saturated with the aroma of lilacs, filling the dark night with their breath

at 10, Lavrushinsky Lane, Hall 33