Self-portrait in Front of a Window Overlooking the Kremlin. 1846
106.2 х 85 Oil on canvas Main Building, Hall 13

In their memoirs Tropinin’s contemporaries describe his comfortable life in Moscow where he lived in a small apartment on Lenivka Street where he lived for more than thirty years. Here the seventy year old artist paints a self-portrait, which combines a particular simplicity in the pose of the painter with the majestic panorama of the Kremlin in the background. Tropinin portrays himself against the light, which is one of the favourite tricks romantic portrait artists. However, the highlights playing on one side of his face do not give him a sense of mysterious gravitas – on the contrary his features typify gentility, kindness and benevolence. The romantic pathos of the portrait is not Tropinin’s usual style and is more representative of the passing fashion for this type of portraiture at this time. A copy of the portrait (1844) can be found in the Tropinin Museum

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