Automobile Race. 1930
151 х 213 Oil on canvas

The painting reflects a Romantic vision of reality and social optimism in Soviet Russia during the 1920s – beginning of the 1930s. Viliams’ work absolutely corresponds to the balance understood to exist between the future and the present in culture of the day. We behold what seems like a photograph of “virtual reality” of those years, capturing the headlong race of life form the past to the present, from the peasant horse to the “iron horse,” from an agrarian country to an industrial power, from the dark past to a “bright future”. The elongated chassis of the cars as they are transformed by movement, the diagonal of the road – all this endow the composition with a dynamic and create the feeling of speed. The impression of what has been seen is splendidly conveyed by lines from the novel entitled the Golden Calf by Ilf and Petrov (1931): “Real life flew past joyously blaring and flashing its lacquered wings.”

Additional info
Industrial landscape. Thematic painting
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