Construction of New Workshops. 1926
212.8 х 201.8 Oil on canvas

In the 1920s, Deineka worked with enthusiasm on the theme of industrialisation. The construction of factories and plants was perceived as an event of historical proportions since it was laying the industrial foundation of the country’s future. The artist, like other masters of the Society of Easel Artists (OST), believed that art’s basic task was to find an artistic language capable of expressing the present in a precise and vivid manner. The master uses montage, typical of photography and cinema, to form his composition. The human figures are painted with a contrast of scale, volume and colour and seem to be set off against the background. The three-dimensional figures depicted in complex angles stand out against the graphically precise drawing of factory buildings in the background and that gives a special dynamic to the composition. Deineka was attracted to the image of a new age man, his appearance and plastic figure. He wrote: “I was drawn to the lacework of factory constructions, but they are only a background. I have always depicted man in close up, in strong typical movements.”

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Industrial landscape
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