Autumn Day. Sokolniki. 1879
64.3 х 51 Oil on canvas Tretyakov Gallery, Hall 37

The small picture, nearly study-like in terms of painting manner, conveys the depth and omnitude of the space. You seem to be entering in Nature's magnificent temple, where the earthly and heavenly paths are commensurate with each other. The trunks of pine trees are rising solemnly upwards; the yellow maple foliage is ablaze illuminating the gloomy avenue like bonfire flames. The artist abandons a rigorous realistic manner applying paints with varying separate dabs thanks to which the painting’s surface acquires a higher emotional emphasis. The fragile female figure seems to be there by accident, lost among desolate avenues of the deserted park. This lonely soul is preoccupied with her own thoughts and does not notice the austere solemnity of her environment, its pensive sadness. Levitan captured the discord between the human soul and eternal world of nature typical for his time.

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