Portrait of a Chorus Girl. 1887
53.5 х 41.2 Oil on canvas mounted on cardboard Tretyakov Gallery, Hall 43

In this work, Korovin experiments in search of impressionistic art techniques. On the back side of the cardboard, the artist left a detailed account of the story behind the painting, erroneously dating it to 1883. The artist underlined that "at the time, Serov hadn’t painted the portraits yet", referring to the paintings Girl with Peaches (1887) and Girl in the Sunlight (1888, both - in the Tretyakov Gallery). Based on the thorough data analysis, the Gallery’s researches proved that Korovin had portrayed the chorus girl not in 1883, but in 1887. The sketchy, light and fresh painting manner and fragmentary nature of the image indicate that the painting’s was done en plein-air. Korovin is captivated by colouristic matters. The study features an expressive contrast of blue and marigold colours. Rich separate dabs convey the overtones of the environment full of air and light. Brightened colours merge in a cheerful chord. The psychological characterisation of the unknown provincial chorus girl does not interest the artist. He wrote: "The model was not a good-looking woman; if anything, she was a bit ugly". Her features are more of colour spots in the general composition of the study. The artist just casts a quick ironic glance at his model, which is typical of the impressionist vision of life.

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