Sorcerer Сomes to a Peasant Wedding. 1875
117.7 х 189.8 Oil on canvas Tretyakov Gallery, Hall 23

Of peasant origin himself, Maximov knew country life and was closely connected with it. In his own words, he set for himself the task of arousing in viewers a “love and heartfelt interest in the poor forms of poor existence.” The dimly lit peasant hut, table covered with a tablecloth, excited hosts, colourful guests, festively dressed groom and bride under the icons, fancily embroidered towels on the walls – every detail tells us about the life of Russian peasantry and its unique world. Later the artist wrote to P.M. Tretyakov about his country life: “Living here amongst common people and seeing neither art nor artificiality, you constantly compare yourself with these people and compare the painting with the life that you are trying to depict.”

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Domestic scene
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