Evening Bells. 1892
87.5 х 109 Oil on canvas Tretyakov Gallery, Hall 37

The paintings's spatial planes are presented as three different worlds. The nearest one is a shadowed bluff, from which the artist surveys the environs. Further away a wooden platform stops abruptly over the enchanted water surface that has in its centre a boat that seems to be standing motionless. Over the river, as if rising from a mirage-like play of reflections and lit by the setting sun, appears a miraculous vision - a monastery. Finally, the eye rises to the sky following the clouds melting in a soft golden glow. The artist conveys the soul's desire to get to that enchanted world of light and sounds dying in the distance. Interrupting the upward movement with transverse rhythms – the shore line, the platform, the boat – he creates the impression of an elusive image. One can only forever yearn in dreams for this beckoning faraway place.

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