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At the Dressing-Table. Self-Portrait. 1909
75.2 х 65.5 Oil on canvas Tretyakov Gallery, Hall 44

The composition is presented as a reflection in the mirror, which is traditional for the genre of self-portrait. This device introduces an element of intimacy and at the same time creates required detachment. The artist at her morning toilet seems to look at herself from the outside, as if at a posing model. The motif of the "world behind the looking-glass" does not create a sense of mystery. Even the candles, which normally symbolise the brevity of time in art, seem to forget about their function in the light atmosphere of the picture. The room space is filled with shades of white. The heroine's huge shiny hazel eyes, her friendly face are emanating warmth. Her hands and hair provide a frame for the face. Instead of painting attributes, the dressing table features female beauty stuff. In no way does Serebryakova demonstrate that she belongs to the world of art. One gets the feeling that the self-portrait was painted for close members of the family.

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