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The Aristocrat’s Breakfast. 1849-1850
51 х 42 Oil on canvas Main Building, Hall 15

The subject of the painting (other titles - "False shame", "An Unwelcome Visitor") is traditionally connected with a satirical article "Letters from the metropolitan friend to the provincial bachelor" (1848) by I.A.Goncharov. "What is dandy? Dandy caught only the easiest aspect of the ability to live: how to dress impeccably ... He will assent to dine badly for two months ... so that he could put on a pair of trousers of a specified tint ... Why the arrival of a guest always makes a scene and a confusion in the houses of these so-called aristicrats? ... It’s the fear and the false shame of being considered worse than others or the wish to show off". There is a room of a young bachelor, which serves him for a study and a bedroom. The interior items tell us about their owner. The statuette on the wardrobe, the little bust of F.List on the wall, the scattered playbills are the evidence of his love to the fine arts. But these attributes also unmask the superficialism of his likings. His clothes – a fashionable robe, oriental shoes and a cap – show his willing to look like a dandy. Splendid "Brullov-like" colouring completes the atmosphere of a "life for show". The scene reveals a subtle comic element it this everyday situation, a brilliant knowledge of human nature and the naive, guileless simplicity of the main character

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Domestic scene
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