Чувашский государственный художественный музей В рамках проекта «Золотая карта России»

Chuvash State Art Museum As part of the Golden Map of Russia Project

Engineering Building

The goal of the Golden Map of Russia Project is to show collections of regional museums to visitors in Moscow. Since 1999, 38 exhibitions have been arranged to exhibit works from the collections of museums in Kaluga, Astrakhan, Petrozavodsk, Kursk, Yakutsk, Tambov, Samara, Saratov and other towns. In 2003, the project was awarded the State Prize in the area of literature and art.

At the exhibition visitors will see paintings from the collection of the Chuvash State Art Museum; artists of the XVIII and first half of the XIX centuries, F. S. Rokotov, V. L. Borovikovsky, V. A. Tropinin; the second half of the XIX century, V. G. Perova, I. N. Kramskoy, V. D. Polenov, I. I. Levitan; early XX century, V. A. Serov, I. E. Grabar, K. F. Yuon, K. S. Petrov-Vodkin, Z. E. Serebryakova, and R. R. Falk. In total, the exhibition will feature 76 paintings and drawings.