Это было навсегда. 1968–1985

It was for Perpetuity. 1968–1985

New Tretyakov

A large-scale research exhibition is conceived as the second part of a trilogy dedicated to post-war Soviet art. It includes exhibitions about three historical periods, the Thaw, Stagnation and Perestroika. But if in “The Thaw” (2017) the curators mainly focused on style trends and general ideas of the era, the exhibition to show the period of stagnation involves an analysis of individual and mass consciousness, based on works of art. This is the first attempt at such an analysis. Also, for the first time, the art of the period of stagnation will be reflected upon in the context of the global problems of postmodernism.

The exhibition includes six sections to reveal the phenomenon of official art that correlates (as in a distorted mirror) with the phenomena of unofficial art and alternative culture. The exposition includes the sections “Ritual and Power”, “Socialist Art”, “Religious Mysticism”, “Communities”, “History and the Stopped Time”, “Village”, “Childhood”, “Disappearance”.

The exhibition will feature more than 400 paintings, sculptures and drawings from Russian and foreign collections, as well as fragments of films, performance documents and archive records.

A catalog will be published to include articles by leading art critics and art historians of different generations who will analyze the era “from the inside” and from the outside.