The City and the People. Moscow in 20th-century graphic arts

New Tretyakov, Krymsky Val, 10, halls 21–22
A.A. Deineka. Sverdlov Square. 1941-1946. The Military Moscow Series
Paper, gouache, tempera, coal. 67 x 81.7. Tretyakov Gallery
A.V. Kuprin. Fili. Kutuzov Church. 1921
Paper, graphite pencil, gouache. 53.4 x 48. Tretyakov Gallery
T.A. Lebedeva. Moscow Power Plant at night. 1932
Paper, watercolor. 31.7 x 44.2. Tretyakov Gallery
T.A. Mavrina. Kadashi. Moscow. 1944
Light gray paper, ink, pen, watercolor, white. 20.3 x 14.3. Tretyakov Gallery
V.N. Sigorsky. Krymsky Bridge. 1958
Paper, gouache. 33.7 x 59.5. Tretyakov Gallery
Z.V. Kulikova. Construction of the Okhotny Ryad
Paper, etching. 68.8 x 63.2. Image size: 52.2 x 35.7. Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibition continues a series of displays of graphic works from the Tretyakov Gallery's storehouses.

The exhibition presents the city’s images in graphic works of the 1920s through the 1980s and conveys personal perspectives of the artists, showing how they saw the capital city going through the dramatic events of 1917 and 1941, and the enthusiasm of the Thaw. With their inherent immediacy of response, graphic arts were able to reflect most fully the transformation that the city underwent in the course of the 20th century, with its unprecedented destructive and productive trends.

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