Guriy Zakharov and Tatyana Sokolova

New Tretyakov, Halls 80–82, 10, Krymsky Val

Guriy Zakharov (1926–1994) is one of the most striking and significant masters of graphics in Russia in the second half of the XX century. His wife, Tatyana Sokolova (1930–2010), is one of the few women sculptors who have gained fame and recognition. These masters were exhibited together during their lifetime, their art was in tune, being nurtured by the same ideals and traditions.

The artists’ work truly and poetically reflects Moscow’s, provincial and rural past of the 1960–1980s. Linocut and etching, Guriy Zakharov’s favorite graphic techniques, were very popular during the “print boom” of the 1960s and 1970s. Zakharov was one of the people who shaped the visual fashion of the time and created images that were the quintessence of the era for contemporaries.

Tatyana Sokolova worked on easel and monumental and decorative sculpture in the genre of portraiture and thematic composition. Sokolova more frequently used wood and ceramics than other materials. Her artistic works are distinguished by combining the game principle and a certain share of theatricality, and a clear sculptural form.

A film will be prepared for the exhibition about the family of artists, their work and the time when they lived and worked, as well as an album catalog.

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