Игорь Шелковский. «Люди». Дар Алины и Дмитрия Пинских

Igor Shelkovsky. “People”. Alina and Dmitry Pinsky’s Donation

New Tretyakov

The Tretyakov Gallery launches a museum project intended to foster the establishment of the role of contemporary art in the urban public space. Exhibitions will be organized in the inner courtyard of the New Tretyakov, where large-scale works by contemporary Russian artists are to be presented: monumental sculptures, installations, objects, and theatre sets. The project hopes to attract interest in the formation of a public art collection. 

The first public art exhibits in the New Tretyakov collection are the sculptures “A Man Standing”, “A Man Walking” and “A Man Running” that are part of the series “People”, created by a recognized exemplar of contemporary art, Igor Shelkovsky. The urban-scale monumental figures will be the continuation of the exhibition “The City of Roads” that was displayed in the Tretyakov Gallery in 2018. A person moving towards their goal is a consistent image in Shelkovsky’s work. This is a certain archetype that – on a city scale – is reminiscent of the significance for architecture of man himself. The sculptor’s works were donated to the museum by the collectors Alina and Dmitry Pinsky.