Karl Bryullov. Portraits from a St. Petersburg private collection

Tretyakov Gallery, Lavrushinsky Lane, 10, hall 11
january 24 june 24
Karl Bryullov. The Lady by the Piano. 1838
Private collection, St. Petersburg
Karl Bryullov. A Portrait of E.P. Gagarina with Sons Yevgeny, Lev and Feofil. 1824
Private collection, St. Petersburg

For the first time ever will the exhibition introduce to the Moscow public a few previously unseen works of the famous artist.

The eight portraits painted by Karl Bryullov at various moments in his career showcase peculiar typological structures of portraiture: grand and intimate portrayals, a group family portrait, a “riding” portrait on horseback, self-portraits. Among the works on display there will be a full-dress image of “The Lady by the Piano” (1838), “A Portrait of E.P. Gagarina with Sons Yevgeny, Lev and Feofil” (1824), and a replica of Karl Bryullov’s most well-known self-portrait.

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