Nikolai Nikogossian. To the 100th Anniversary of His Birth

New Tretyakov, Krymsky Val, 10, halls 80–82
march 02 april 22

For the first time will the Gallery organize a solo exhibition of the sculptor Nikolai Nikogossian, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his birth.

This ambitious demonstration will allow museum patrons to appraise N.B. Nikogossian’s excellence not only as a sculptor but also as a painter, as the latter persona has been virtually unknown to the general public so far. This exhibition of his paintings will be the first one of such diversity, and will include portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes — in all, 60 canvases from the master’s family collection. In addition, 10 graphic sheets will be put on display, as well as 63 sculptured works from the family collection and the Tretyakov Gallery funds.

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