Образы Флоры

The Images of Flora

Tretyakov Gallery

This chamber exhibition presents the work of a Western European artist of the 16th century whose subject resembles that of the famous “Flora” (c. 1515-1520) by an Italian painter Francesco Melzi (1493-1570), kept at the State Hermitage Museum.

In 2016 it was displayed within the walls of this museum at the ‘Two “Floras” exhibition. The manner of execution of the “Portrait of a woman as Flora” is reminiscent of the works by Leonardo: the same soft chiaroscuro and sfumato techniques, the elegant and restrained colour palette and the faint half-smile. A well-known scholar whose area of expertise is the works of the great master, Professor Carlo Pedretti of the University of California, believes that this work was created by an artist of Leonardo da Vinci’s Academy in France.

“The Images of Flora” is one of the first projects that are part of a long-term programme of chamber exhibitions showcasing works from the museum’s storerooms, which will be presented within the space of the permanent exhibition in Lavrushinsky Lane. Events like these help enrich the appreciation of both the history of Russian art and the Gallery’s collection. These exhibitions will be on display in different halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, including the least visited, to bring something new, fresh and unexpected into the space of the museum, which over many decades has become so familiar to visitors.