P.D. Korin. To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the artist’s birth

New Tretyakov, Krymsky Val, 10, hall 25
Pavel Korin. Hieromonk Pimen and Bishop Antonin. 1935
Pavel Korin. Father and Son. Portrait of Sergei M. Churakov and Stepan S. Churakov. 1931
Pavel Korin. Portrait of Maxim Gorky. 1932
Pavel Korin. The Northern Ballad. 1943
Pavel Korin. Alexander Nevsky. 1942
Pavel Korin. Old Skaz. 1943

The year of 2017 marks 125 years since the birth and 50 years since the death of an outstanding Russian painter Pavel Dmitriyevich Korin (1892-1967).

A painter, graphic designer, creator of monumental works, not only did he produce works of art himself but also preserved the masterpieces that his predecessors had created as a restorer and as a member of the Committee for the Protection of Monuments, as well as a collector. 

Pavel Dmitriyevich Korin had a special relationship with the Tretyakov Gallery. In 1925 the Gallery became the first museum to buy its works, while in 1944 the first personal exhibition of the artist was held there. Korin also collaborated with the Gallery as a restorer – he restored a number of works by V.M. Vasnetsov and M.V. Nesterov, and was a permanent consultant at its restoration councils. According to the will of the artist his house on Malaya Pirogovskaya street containing Korin’s collection of works of art was passed to the Tretyakov Gallery and became one of the museum’s research departments.

In memory of the outstanding artist the Tretyakov Gallery presents an extensive display of his works from the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery and the P.D. Korin House Museum. We show a series of the most famous portraits created by the painter in the 1930s – 1950s of a number of writers, artists and painters, as well as a series of portraits of the clergy, conceived as sketches for the unrealized painting “Requiem. Disappearing Russia”.

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