Viktor Vasnetsov's Landscapes

Victor Vasnetsov Museum, Vasnetsov Lane, 13
Viktor Vasnetsov. In Abramtsevo surroundings. 1890's. Study
Cardboard, oil, 37 × 48,5. Victor Vasnetsov Museum
Viktor Vasnetsov. Pond in Akhtyrka. 1880
Study for the painting "Alyonushka" (1881, Tretyakov Gallery). Oil on canvas. 32 × 23,3. Victor Vasnetsov Museum
Viktor Vasnetsov. Coniferous forest. 1874. Study
Canvas on cardboard, oil. 48 × 32.2. Viktor Vasnetsov Museum
Viktor Vasnetsov. Camomiles. 1916. Study
Plywood, oil, 19,5 × 8,2. Victor Vasnetsov Museum
Victor Vasnetsov. Glade. 1900's. Study
Oil on canvas, 32×26. Victor Vasnetsov Museum
Victor Vasnetsov . Calm. 1881
Oil on canvas. 63,5 х 176. Tretyakov Gallery

While landscape in Viktor Vasnetsov’s creative oeuvre is generally regarded in the context of his paintings based on folklore and epic subjects, scholars acknowledge the artist’s achievements in the development of landscape painting and in the creation of the so-called “landscape of sentiment.”

However, until now, landscape has never been given a high profile as an independent genre among Viktor Vasnetsov’s creative legacy.

The art show will be featuring exhibits from the collection of Viktor Vasnetsov’s Memorial House and Museum: 33 painted studies and 9 graphic studies, all created from 1868 to 1917 on the outskirts of Vyatka, St. Petersburg, Akhtyrka, Abramtsevo, Kiev, and also in Moscow and in the artist’s estate in Vankovo (Moscow region). Most of these studies will be on display for the first time.

Exhibition materials:

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