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The Feat of Ivan Susanin. The Story of One Picture

Tretyakov Gallery, Lavrushinsky Lane, 10, hall 21
K.E. Makovsky. Ivan Susanin. 1914
Private collection
K.E. Makovsky. The appeal of Minin. 1896
Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum
K.E. Makovsky. Self portrait 1860
Tretyakov Gallery
K.E. Makovsky. Portrait of the singer Osip Afanasyevich Petrov (1807‒1878). 1870
Tretyakov Gallery
K.E. Makovsky. The agents of Dmitry the Pretender kill the son of Boris Godunov. 1862
Tretyakov Gallery
K.E. Makovsky. Kuzma Minin accepts donations from residents of Nizhny Novgorod. 1870s
Tretyakov Gallery
P.A. Ovchinnikov. Coronation plate “Appeal of Kuzma Minin to the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod in 1611”. 1882
Tretyakov Gallery

To the National Unity Day, the State Tretyakov Gallery presents a focus exhibition dedicated to Konstantin Makovsky’s (1839–1915) painting Ivan Susanin.

This canvas was painted in 1914 shortly before the artist’s death. The painter was preparing the painting to the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov in 1913. Due to the scale and complexity of the composition, Makovsky did not manage to finish the work by the anniversary: his work was interrupted by the ​​political upheavals, the beginning of the First World War, and shortly after - the untimely death of the master. The traces of the painting had been lost for many years. In 2016, the painting appeared at the auction of English Sotheby’s, where it was acquired by Russian collectors and brought back home. After the completion of restoration work, the art piece by Makovsky is exhibited for the first time.

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