The Russian Fairy Tale. From Vasnetsov to the Present

New Tretyakov, West Wing,10, Krymsky Val

“The Russian Fairy Tale” is a project based on a study of the worlds created in the genre of Russian fairy tales through the folk imagination, and original interpretations by contemporary Russian artists. The combination of these two lines enables the fairytale themes to be brought into the realm of reality and, conversely, the experience of the supernatural and whimsical elements in everyday life.

The exposition is based on a synthesis of fine art, literature, multimedia technologies and theatrical scenery; it involves all the diversity of sensory perception. The emphasis on Russian art in the chronological range from late 19th century to the present day raises questions about the “Russianness” of figurative thinking, and about the national features in the attitudes to time and space. While exploring the exposition, the viewer will be involved in an interactive journey through the territories of various elements. The visitor “falls” through them into fairy tales, and meets with the characters, who, in turn, appear in the same context within the images of contemporary painters.

While walking through the halls of the exhibition, a visitor themselves turns into a character who explores the worlds in a physical, emotional and intellectual way. Therefore, a fairy tale becomes a personal experience. The project is designed for both children and adults.

The objective of the project is to allow immersion in an interactive environment and to use modern media in order to draw the attention of children and adolescents to Russian fairy tales that play an important role in forming of personality. Adults will find at the exhibition rich ground to reflect on social and existential issues. The exhibition will include works by I. Ya. Bilibin, V. M. Vasnetsov, E. D. Polenova, M. A. Vrubel, N. S. Goncharova, V. Yu. Mamyshev-Monroe, R. R. Tavasiev, the Blue Soup group, O. V. Tobreluts and many others. The exhibition will include works from the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Center for Contemporary Art, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the History of Money (Goznak), the Cinema Museum, the Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum, the Abramtsevo Museum Reserve and private collections.

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Exhibition materials:

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