Сергей Сапожников

Sergey Sapozhnikov

New Tretyakov

The modern Russian artist and photographer Sergey Sapozhnikov (born 1984) seeks to show in this project (through his own search in photography) the range of problems that relate to the place of photography in contemporary art such as: the issues of the interaction between photography and the circumstances of shooting, performative practices and specially created reality, as well as ways of working with the image.

The place of photography in the Russian art scene and in the broad context of its relationship with the theory and history of art has not yet been determined, and Sapozhnikov’s project is designed to shed light on these issues.

One of the goals of the exhibition is to reflect the interpenetration of the ideas of constructivism in architecture and avant-garde practices in photography, theater and other art forms. The project will present the evolution of Sergey Sapozhnikov’s ideas and methods over the period from 2003 to 2018, in a single installation that is also a new and interesting approach to displaying a creative retrospective.