Preserved sacred objects of Moscow long-gone

Engineering Building, Lavrushinsky Lane, 12, 3rd floor
Icon in the setting “The Savior of Smolensk”. 17th century
Tretyakov Gallery
The Gospel Book. 1698. Moscow
Tretyakov Gallery
Tabernacle. The middle of the 18 century
Tretyakov Gallery
Plate. 1723
Tretyakov Gallery

Special project as part of the exhibition “Moscow through the ages”.

This display, experimental in the form of presentation, will feature works of ecclesiastical decorative and applied arts from the precious metal fund of the Tretyakov Gallery.

All in all, about 25 items will be exhibited that have never been on display, with the greatest part comprised of varied holy vessels and icons in frames made from precious metals and jewels. Most of these items originate from churches that were destroyed in the 20th century.

Exhibition materials:

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